Accepted Papers

Cryptanalysis of Multivariate Systems

Properties of the Discrete Differential with Cryptographic Applications
Daniel Smith-Tone

Growth of the Ideal Generated by a Quadratic Boolean Function
Jintai Ding, Timothy J. Hodges, and Victoria Kruglov

Mutant Zhuang-Zi Algorithm
Jintai Ding and Dieter S. Schmidt

Cryptanalysis of Two Quartic Encryption Schemes and One Improved MFE Scheme
Weiwei Cao, Xiuyun Nie, Lei Hu, Xiling Tang, and Jintai Ding

Cryptanalysis of Code-based Systems

Cryptanalysis of the Niederreiter Public Key Scheme Based on GRS Subcodes
Christian Wieschebrink

Grover vs. McEliece
Daniel J. Bernstein

Information-Set Decoding for Linear Codes over Fq
Christiane Peters

A Timing Attack against the Secret Permutation in the McEliece PKC
Falko Strenzke

Practical Power Analysis Attacks on Software Implementations of McEliece
Stefan Heyse, Amir Moradi, and Christof Paar

Design of Encryption Schemes

Key Exchange and Encryption Schemes Based on Non-commutative Skew Polynomials
Delphine Boucher, Philippe Gaborit, Willi Geiselmann, Olivier Ruatta, and Felix Ulmer

Designing a Rank Metric Based McEliece Cryptosystem
Pierre Loidreau

Secure Variants of the Square Encryption Scheme
Crystal Lee Clough and Jintai Ding

Low-Reiter: Niederreiter Encryption Scheme for Embedded Microcontrollers
Stefan Heyse

Design of Signature Schemes

Strongly Unforgeable Signatures and Hierarchical Identity-Based Signatures from Lattices without Random Oracles
Markus Rückert

Proposal of a Signature Scheme Based on STS Trapdoor
Shigeo Tsujii, Masahito Gotaishi, Kohtaro Tadaki, and Ryo Fujita

Selecting Parameters for the Rainbow Signature Scheme
Albrecht Petzoldt, Stanislav Bulygin, and Johannes Buchmann