Preliminary Program
The welcome reception on Tuesday (25th) takes place at Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD. See the venue page for a route from the hotel to the reception.
The reception starts at 19h with a brief welcome talk, including important organizational information. Afterwards, a dinner buffet will be served and there will be plenty of time and space to catch up.
Scientific program
After the welcome reception on Tuesday, May 25th at 19h, we have 2.5 days for the talks and the remaining social programme. The program will feature three invited talks by Gregory Neven, Oded Regev, and Renato Renner and a recent results session.


Invited Talks
Renato Renner, Provable Post-quantum Security [slides]
Oded Regev, The Learning with Errors Problem [slides]
Gregory Neven, The Road to Post-quantum Privacy [slides]

Recent Results Session
Gregor Leander, Valerie Gauthier Umana, Practical Key Recovery Attacks on Two McEliece Variants [slides]

Christiane Peters, Ball-collision Decoding [slides]

Philippe Gaborit, Noisy Diffie-Hellman Protocols [slides]

Jean-Charles Faugere, Ayoub Otmani, Ludovic Perret, Jean-Pierre Tillich, A Distinguisher for High Rate McEliece Cryptosystem [slides]

Markus Rückert, Michael Schneider, Selecting Secure Parameters for Lattice-based Cryptography [slides]

Michael Schneider, Sieving for Shortest Vectors in Ideal Lattices [slides]

Ryo Fujita, Security analysis of rSTS type multivariate public key cryptosystems against algebraic attack using Gröbner bases [slides]

Licheng Wang, Lihua Wang, Conjugate Searching Problem vs. Hidden Subgroup Problem [slides]

Daniel J. Bernstein, McBits and Post-quantum RSA [slides]

Social events
After a cultural excursion on Thursday to one of the famous sights of Darmstadt, a fancy dinner will be served at the Jagdschloss Kranichstein.

During the conference, there will be the famous Schlossgrabenfest in the city center and very close to the conference. If you like live music, you can enjoy this open air festival in the evenings.